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trak gateway
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trak products

trak sell vehicle tracking telematics to all types of fleets, insurance companies and direct to the consumer.

what trak can do:

  • Constantly track the vehicle’s whereabouts and report the information through a password controlled website onto Google Maps

  • Remotely report the vehicle’s mileage and tells you if the vehicle is under or over mileage in accordance with the parameters you set

  • Remotely report movement in and out of defined areas and alerts this by SMS or email (you can define the areas simply within the system to avoid programming costs)

  • Recognise and remotely report accidents as they happen – including providing a basic liability assessment, we can then send a claim form automatically to the driver’s mobile phone, and this can help in reducing third party liability costs

  • Send panic messages when the driver texts the units – these panic messages would also show the vehicle’s precise whereabouts (or we can fit panic buttons to the vehicles)

  • Recognise and report excessive driving (more than 4 hours in 12), this can be set to suit the customer – helps with duty of care legislation

  • Monitor driver behaviour, and through driver scoring can significantly reduce fuel use, carbon emissions and accidents

  • Remotely monitor fuel filler cap opening to allow fuel fill up reconciliation, reducing fuel fraud

  • Provide an exception-based reporting system to monitor deviations from the defined (the customer defines) norms – so you can get the system to tell you what you want to know.

trak products



Knowing instantly that one of your fleet, or one of your insured vehicles has been involved in an accident has, in the past, been impossible. Not anymore, Accidenttrak provides the ability for all fleet and claims professionals to control an accident from moments after it has occurred.



Even in the best of times farming can be a marginal business. Agritrak is an innovative product designed to allow farmers, and all agricultural professionals, to keep tabs on their expensive capital equipment – and lower their costs in the process.



Motorbikes are a target for theft – alarms, the traditional protection, can cost up to £400. As an alternative, what about a product which provides real time GPS tracking that ensures a bike will always be returned to the owner if it is stolen?

Caravan Trak


A caravan is not only a costly piece of equipment but almost part of the family. Losing one through theft is an unpleasant prospect to contemplate. But, sadly, the likelihood is on the increase – so now it makes more sense than ever to protect your caravan with Caravantrak. 

Fleet Trak


Fleet tracking is nothing new. The difference with trak’s Fleettrak product is how simple and effective it is to use and how reliable our units and Gateway are. With Fleettrak you can specify your own system from a menu of options to ensure your tracking system does what you want – and no more – and provides you, the management, with information you need. At a cost our competitors can’t touch.



When your second biggest investment in life is secured by nothing more than a rope, your fenders and hopefully an observant harbour master, it is reassuring to know its exact whereabouts. There’s always the added bonus of being able to retrace your nautical adventures from your PC and of course maintain a precise ship’s log!



A vehicle that automatically reports mileage covered during the life of a contract adds significant cost benefits to the contract hire and leasing industry – particularly on a lengthy 3 year, non-maintained contract. A vehicle may have significant excess mileage but your first knowledge will be when it is returned at the end of the contract.



Plant and equipment is often at risk, and with organised gangs operating across Europe, it pays to protect vulnerable assets that are essential to maintain progress on any building contract – and now cost control is even more important then ever, ensuring your plant and equipment is protected, you know it's the smartest thing to do.



Racetrak is an asset tracking device that protects your vehicle from theft as well as allowing you to switch - when you need it - to Racetrak G-Force telemetry. If you own a modern race optimized car like a Porsche GT3 or even a classic E-Type Jaguar that ventures onto the track, you can protect your prized possession when not being used, out on the road and then get the most from it when you decide to take it racing.



Trailers and their stock are at risk from theft – in the past it has been difficult to protect them but Trailertrak is an innovative battery powered tracking product that allows concealed monitoring of a trailer. So you can even monitor individual containers and follow your consignment throughout any journey until it is safely with the customer.