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trak gateway
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Knowing instantly that one of your fleet or one of your insured vehicles has been involved in an accident has, in the past, been impossible.

Not anymore, Accidenttrak provides the ability for all fleet and claims professionals to control an accident from moments after it has occurred.

Accidenttrak provides live GPS tracking plus the unit has the unique ability to recognise that it has been involved in a collision. So you have all the traditional benefits of tracking technology, including theft detection – helping you recover your assets easily and quickly after a theft – plus impact recognition with instant email and SMS alerts.

That means:

  • You can control third party claims costs by capturing details at the scene and preventing costly accident management, credit hire or solicitor involvement – by acting faster to help the third party so they don’t have to claim
  • We can even send a claim form direct to the mobile phone of the person involved at the scene of the accident to ensure they follow the correct process and capture all the details, including taking photos. Contact us for more details
  • We can provide an immediate assessment of where liability for the collision lies – this will save costly liability disputes later
  • We can also provide help finding replacement vehicles where there is the potential for third party credit hire claims
  • In short, earlier notification increases your ability to control the cost of the claim.

And in addition trak can provide:

  • Theft prevention that allows monitoring of your assets through any internet enabled PC so recovery after theft is a simple process – reducing your insurance costs
  • Improved employee control – whereabouts monitoring, improved driver behaviour (meaning fewer accidents) and lower fuel consumption/fraud*. These employee controls can help you comply with the law, particularly duty of care legislation and to use your fleet more cost effectively
  • Accidenttrak can provide a host of benefits that can help both claims and fleet managers – reducing fleet running costs, claims costs and ultimately reducing your loss ratio and lowering your fleet insurance premium.

*through our unique fuel filler cap use monitor

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