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trak gateway
Download 1000 installation guide


Fleet tracking is nothing new. The difference with trak’s Fleettrak product is how simple and effective it is to use and how reliable our units and Gateway are.

With Fleettrak you can specify your own system from a menu of options to ensure your tracking system does what you want – and no more - and provides you the management information you need. At a cost our competitors can’t touch.

trak features – you choose what you need:

  • Constantly tracks the vehicle’s whereabouts and reports that information through a password controlled website onto Google Maps – at a reporting frequency you define
  • A simple non-invasive install that only draws electricity from the car – an ignition live feed - and can be done easily by your own technicians
  • Remotely reports the vehicle’s mileage and tells you if the vehicle is under or over mileage in accordance with the parameters you set – so you only have to view the exceptions not all your fleet. The frequency of the reports you can define, every month for example, which keep data costs very low
  • Remotely reports movement into and out of defined areas and alerts by SMS or email (you can define the areas simply within the system to avoid programming costs – and change and control them as often as you wish)
  • Theft recovery which you can upgrade to 24 hour monitoring if that’s what suits your fleet
  • Recognizes and remotely reports accidents as they happen – including providing a basic liability assessment and can then send a claim form automatically to the driver’s mobile phone – we can also help in reducing third party liability costs. A unique and important way to control your loss ratio and future insurance costs
  • Can send panic messages if the driver texts or telephones the units – these panic messages would also show the vehicle’s precise whereabouts. Helping you look after your people and help them quickly when they need it
  • Recognizes and reports excessive driving (more than 4 hours in 12) – but this can be set to suit the customer – helps with duty of care legislation. You can also put in individual driver tags or control through automated time slots stored on your gateway – so you know who was driving
  • Monitors driver behaviour and, through driver scoring, can significantly reduce fuel use, carbon emissions and accident costs
  • Remotely monitors fuel filler cap opening to allow fuel fill up reconciliation which reduces fuel fraud
  • Provides an exception based reporting system monitoring deviations from the defined parameters – so you can get the system to tell you what you want to know.
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