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trak gateway
Download 1000 installation guide


Plant and equipment is often at risk, and with organised gangs operating across Europe, it pays to protect vulnerable assets that are essential to maintain progress on any building contract – and now cost control is even more important then ever, ensuring your plant and equipment is protected, you know its the smartest thing to do.

Planttrak is an innovative product designed to allow all construction and civil engineering professionals, to keep tabs on their expensive capital equipment – and lower their costs in the process.

The unit can be used for all plant equipment – even if it doesn’t have an in-built electrical power source.

Planttrak provides GPS tracking for all types of plant and equipment through a pre-installed unit – trak2000 or our miniature (easily concealed) unit and trak5000.

  • Theft prevention that allows monitoring of your assets through any internet enabled PC so recovery after theft is a simple process – reducing you insurance costs
  • Unique impact alerts so you know if you equipment has been involved in a collision – and you can control the associated cost
  • Working time monitoring and reporting to ensure you know what your assets are doing 24/7 – also useful for monitoring how hard your people are working through for the European Work Time Directive* and ensuring you are acting responsibly in accordance with the Corporate Manslaughter Act 2007 – you could also automate time sheets – all of which reduce administration costs
  • The most advanced geofence system in the tracking industry today. Define your own virtual perimeter fences around your equipment quickly and easily using Google Maps and receive instant alerts from our 24 hour monitoring centre should your equipment leave the defined area. These fences can be modified as your working areas change via your Administrator page in the trak Gateway giving you complete control.
  • The ability to cross refer fuel take up to a fuel filler cap being opened on the vehicle – a unique way of combating fuel fraud. And because you can closely monitor fuel usage – you can reduce fuel cost too.

*when coupled with our unique driver id tagging system

trak2000 | trak5000 specifications